In this online course, you will find the introduction to STEAM education, found out answers, related to philosophy, epistemology and didactic of STEAM education. You will have the possibility to discuss the similarities and differences of STEM and STEAM, get specific lesson ideas and high-quality examples of lessons and units that qualify as STEAM.

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The online course opens on 1st day of each month. Participants have to complete the course in 2 months.

The contents of the course:

  • 1 module. Introduction to the STE(A)M framework
  • 2 module. Review of epistemology and pedagogy of STEM / STEAM
  • 3 module. Review of three previous examples of STEAM projects
  • 4 module. Examples of themes STEAM & Interdisciplinary Problems Based Learning styled designer – a hands-on
  • 5 module. Program Sustainability considerations and tactics

Each module of the course consist of theoretical part, practical examples, activities and independent work, questionnaires for participants and takes around 7 hours.

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This interactive self-paced audio/video/text courses are created by the best Greeks, Lithuanian, Spanish, Netherlands, Portuguese teachers and designed to help teachers meet their educational goals. On this learning hub, Erasmus + KA2 Project “STEAM capacity building” (No: 2016-1-LT01-KA201-023146) offers free online courses for teachers’ professional development.