5 module. Program Sustainability considerations and tactics

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Welcome in the fifth module of this MOOC. Here you will learn about Sustainability: how to create a sustainable STEAM environment within your school organization? This module consists of four sections:

  • Section A: Three levels of Sustainability
  • Section B: Inventory
  • Section C: Collaboration and Project Based Learning
  • Section D: Evaluation in Relation to Sustainability

The total amount of time it will take to complete this module is an estimated five hours. At the very end, a final assignment will establish if you’ve reached the intended learning objectives.

Each section will guide you through the topic with explanatory video clips, texts to read, exploring exercises, assignments and the sharing of your findings and thoughts with other participants in this MOOC.

Assignments partly consist of multiple choice questions you can fill out in the exercise itself. The other assignments are writing assignments you can not submit directly, but write down either on paper or digitally for yourself and/or your organization. These answers are also used to share with your fellow participants.

An easy way to explore and share ideas and inspiration on various topics is by using Pinterest. We created some boards for you, with a variety of information and ideas on the topic of STEAM you can use as a basis to start your own exploring from. Therefore we encourage you to use your own Pinterest account to ‘pin’ concepts you like on your own boards to be used later (create a Pinterest account here).

Another important way to share ideas and discuss them, is via our discussion platform. Throughout the assignments we will regularly ask you to reach out to fellow participants from all over Europe. This will enable you to collaborate and learn from each other, to create a broad and well-founded understanding of ways of implementing STEAM all over the continent and in your environment specifically.

Although this MOOCs target audience is teachers, the information and assignments in this module might be of value as well for school board members and management. However, for convenience, participants will be addressed as being a teacher.

You will be introduced to each section by Katinka, a Neurosciences student and part time STEAM teacher from the University of Amsterdam. Proceed to the next page to meet her at Section A, on the three levels of sustainability.

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