2 module. Review of epistemology and pedagogy of STEM / STEAM

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The module is created for basic, secondary schools STEM teachers and all teachers, who are interested in scientific approach of STEM education. These module aims to introduce for teachers the scientific principles governing the STEAM education. In the module participants will find out more about the STEAM psychology and epistemology, didactical principals and methodology. The main methods of STEAM teaching will be introduced. It will also try to give answers or the necessary information to some questions, such as:

  • What is epistemology of STEAM?
  • How can we learn STEM?
  • How does the STEAM psychology affect learning?
  • What are the STEAM scientific principles on which we rely to learn?
  • What do we have to pay attention to when implementing STEAM?
  • What methods and approaches should school use to implement STEM and STEAM learning?
  • What is the best teaching method to follow?

Also, participants will find information about STEAM learning environments, the using of student projects as a way to make STEAM interdisciplinary learning fit into the existing curriculum, Project -Based Learning, Problem – Based Learning, Collaborative Problem solving based learning, Inquiry-based learning and examples of it.

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